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Local and County Elected Officials Endorse Cory Shawver for State Representative
Contact: Joe LaVeck, Campaign Manager - 440.574.0567
Lorain- On Sunday, at a packed spaghetti dinner fundraiser in support of Cory Shawver’s campaign for State Representative, dozens of local and county elected officials threw their endorsements and backing behind Cory’s campaign.
Lorain Mayor Chase Ritenauer, who spoke at the event, said “Cory has been involved in this community all of his life. He’s been in the trenches, he knows the needs of the people and he gets the issues of the district, and he’s a tireless worker that will never stop fighting for us in Columbus. He’s also going to have the ability to come back home and make things happen. I’m proud to lend my support to Cory Shawver’s campaign and I know he’ll make a great representative.” Ritenauer continued by stating, “in Lorain County, we all don’t agree often, and to bring together this group behind one candidate is very impressive.”
County Commissioner Ted Kalo, who also spoke, echoed those sentiments. “Cory is someone who always gets done what he says he’s going to do. He’s been involved in our community and he always goes where ever help is needed. He understands the issues like returning our local government funds and he will fight to do that in Columbus. I’m proud to endorse and support him.”
The list of other officials and organizations who announced endorsements included Lorain County officials Commissioner Lori Kokoski, Former Commissioner Betty Blair, Sheriff Phil Stammitti, Prosecutor Dennis Will, Treasurer Dan Talarek, and Recorder Judy Nedwick; Mayors John Hunter and Greg Zilka, Treasurer Terri Soto, Law Director Pat Riley, Clerk of Courts Lori Maiorana, Auditor Karen Shawver, Lorain Councilmembers Beth Henley, Pam Carter, Joanne Jodi Moon, Joe Faga, and Joe Koziura; Sheffield Lake Councilmembers Rose Gee and Rocky Radeff, Trustee Chad Parsons, Bret Brown, President of IAFF Local 267, The Fraternal Order of Police Lorain Lodge #3, and the Lorain County Young Democrats.
In his remarks, Cory said he was honored to have the support of so many members of the community, dedicated elected officials, and safety service personnel, and believes their support is a result of his work in the community over the last two decades and his understanding of the issues that matter to the families in the 56th District. Cory further said that he will work tirelessly to ensure that Lorain County workers have access to good jobs, their rights to collectively bargain protected, sufficient resources are allocated to combat the opioid epidemic, the region’s environment, namely Lake Erie, is pristine and serves as an engine of economic growth, and young people have access to quality education and job training programs.
Shawver announces for State Representative

LORAIN – On Wednesday, Cory Shawver confirmed recent speculation and announced his candidacy for State Representative for the 56th Ohio House District when current Representative, Dan Ramos, is term limited next year.


“I love this community and I believe that with the right support, we can continue to move forward.” Shawver said as he laid out his vision for a legislative agenda, which included safety, jobs, education, and infrastructure initiatives.


When asked about issues his campaign would focus on, Shawver emphasized how the cuts to Local Government Funds have affected communities throughout the 56th district. Shawver went on further "The repeated body blows delivered to local governments from the Republicans in Columbus using our tax dollars to make up shortfalls in the state budget have had a devastating impact across the district. As the proud brother of a Lorain police officer, I have seen first hand how the cuts have made our community less safe. Today cities have fewer officers, antiquated equipment that is in disrepair, and it has diminished our ability to fight crime and combat the heroin epidemic. Shawver said. The City of Lorain alone has lost $2.8 million per year and Lorain County has lost another $2.2 million per year since John Kasich took office. Shawver said this is money that could be spent on putting more police officers on the streets and equipping them with the tools they need to keep our communities safe, infrastructure investments, improving our school systems and protecting Lake Erie. “Safety, roads, and schools improvements would make our communities stronger and better places to live and open a business, which would create more jobs in our community”. Another cornerstone of Cory’s campaign will be focused on protecting Lake Erie. “Lake Erie is our greatest asset and our source of drinking water as well as an economic engine for the region. As a legislator I will fight to bring resources back to the district to help continue the restoration of the Black River and ensure the health of OUR Great Lake for generations to come” Shawver said.  


He also discussed the need to bring good paying manufacturing jobs back to Lorain County. “My Grandfather was a Boilermakers Union President and he instilled in me from a very young age that everyone should have the opportunity to work and make a living wage to raise a family on.” Shawver said. He continued “In years past, location used to drive business investment, but today it is workforce. In order for us to be well positioned to take advantage of the changing face of manufacturing in the 21st century, we need to strategically invest in programs at Lorain County Community College and the Lorain County JVS to position our workforce for the jobs of the future. That's the way you attract new business investment.”


Cory’s passion for community involvement started when he volunteered several times a week at the Black River Historical Society’s Moore House Museum. He went on to volunteer with Special Olympics, Lorain Relay for Life, Lorain Pride Day and Adopt a Spot community cleanups, and many others. In 2016, Shawver was appointed to serve on the Governmental Affairs Committee of the National Sheriffs’ Association by then-President Danny Glick, a position he still holds.


Shawver announced the leadership of his campaign committee, which will be lead by Lorain activist Dorothy “Dotti” Washington, a long time U.A.W. member who is active in the National Council of Negro Women, the Lorain Arts Council, and the U.A.W. Local 2000 Retirees executive board. The committee treasurer is Angie Marotta Riley.  


Shawver is a 2008 graduate of Marion L. Steele High School and a 2013 graduate of Cleveland State University’s Maxine Goodman Levin School of Urban Affairs where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Public Management. He currently works as the Project Manager for the Lorain County Port Authority, which specializes in community redevelopment and reinvestment as well as economic development.


A fundraiser to support the campaign is scheduled for August 10th, from 5:00-7:00pm, at Scorchers in Lorain.

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